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RESULTS Weight Loss

weight loss

RESULTS: The 12-Week Weight Management Course

This integrated weight management course is guaranteed to provide you with the overall knowledge, strategy and tactics to change your body composition and to maintain a positive, healthy lifestyle FOREVER! You will learn research-backed methods to easily take control of your metabolism to make it work for you, rather than against you. The course consists of:

  1. A comprehensive assessment, body fat test, and a Personal Nutrition Plan.
  2. Twelve (12) one-hour weekly group lessons to teach you everything you need to change your behavior, transform your body, and eat for energy, satisfaction, and fat loss.
  3. Meal planning and logging system, exercise log, and body measurement tracking.
  4. Weekly healthy snacking samples and recipes to take home.
  5. 12-Week Weight Management Course Textbook, Daily Progress Logs, and supplemental handouts.  Short homework lessons, experiments, and readings will be assigned to apply what you learn.
  6. Support and accountability with weekly weigh-ins and strategies for behavior change.
  7. 36 Private Personal Training or Small Group Personal Training sessions. (3x per week for 12 weeks)
  8. Each student receives a framed Certificate of Completion.

Instructor: David Ross, CLWMC

Sign Up: Contact The Strong Center at (360) 705-1658 or e-mail us.

Deadline: Sign-up deadline is first day of class (Janaury 25, 2018) or until full.  Min 4 / Max 20.

Note: There is a mandatory 3x per week training commitment to participate in RESULTS.  This can be in the form of Personal Training or Small Group Personal Training participation. This frequent contact with your Personal Trainer or Weight Loss Coach will help ensure progress, accountability, problem solving and relapse prevention.  Personal Training or Training Team cost is determined by which option is selected and length of training sessions, and is addition to the cost of the RESULTS program.  Private Personal Training appointments are scheduled at your convenience.  Small Group Personal Training appointments are pre-scheduled based on the group you elect to join.


  1. RESULTS 12 Week program with 36 Private Personal Training sessions: $500/mo x 3 mos. 
  2. RESULTS 12 Week program with 36 Small Group Personal Training sessions: $255/mo x 3 mos. 

Dates: January 25 – April 12.

Days & Times: Weight Management Workshop - Thursdays 7:30 – 8:30 PM.

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